DynaInk 1.0

Simple, realistic drawing app


  • Natural drawing experience
  • Advanced Undo tool
  • Supports background images


  • Low on editing tools

Very good

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an illustrator, then go download DynaInk, a design program that simulates real drawing experience.

DynaInk is very simple to use. Simply pick up your stylus and start drawing on screen. The technology behind the app is designed to reflect natural drawing dynamism, and it certainly feels a lots more responsive than other drawing apps for Pocket PC.

There are a few things in DynaInk that you can tinker around with while you're creating your masterpiece. For instance, you can alter the brush width, choose between three brush types, apply dynamic coloring, and pick line colors from an all-encompassing palette. There's also an undo tool that lets you skip back a specific number of steps, including a preview image of each step.

Another neat feature of DynaInk is the ability to add a background image (directly from your mobile camera or from your drive). This can be used to help you by tracing around shapes and objects that you find tricky to draw freehand. You can choose to use the background as part of your composition if you so wish.

Unfortunately, DynaInk lacks much in the way of editing tools. Even fairly standard functions such as Fill, Eraser and a Selection tool are absent from this app. If you're looking for something with a bit more power then take a look at Vspainter instead, which has much more in the way of tools.

As it is though, DynaInk is still a very simple to use, natural-feeling drawing utility, that's perfect for master artists and beginners alike.



DynaInk 1.0

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